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Intelligent chat technology for the best customer experience

ReplyChat – Intelligent chat technology for the best customer experience

In recent years, the chat function has thrust its way into the top three customer service communication channels, behind telephone and email. Although chatbots can be a useful addition to customer service strategies in many respects, customers currently prefer the fast, low-threshold option of communicating with a service employee in a live webchat.

In order to offer the same impeccable customer experience in webchats as it does for other written service channels, Sematell has developed a specific, fully integrated chat solution for ReplyOne: ReplyChat.

ReplyChat relies on the powerful, field-tested Sematell AI and, with its sophisticated workflow, ensures highly efficient chat processing, high response quality and the best customer experience.


  • Easy to integrate into your website
  • Chat function is fully integrated – one user interface to manage all written channels
  • Numerous routing options
  • Quality-controlled text blocks from ReplyOne or a knowledge management system
  • Highly efficient processing of multiple parallel chats
  • Automatic customer allocation
  • Chat content recorded in ReplyOne to provide comprehensive customer contact histories
  • Freely configurable surveys for customers and employees before and/or after the chat (optional)
  • Overview of all open chat inquiries in ReplyControl


  • Optimal support for blended agents
  • High transparency thanks to 360° view of customers
  • Optimized for use in customer service
  • Enhances chat processing productivity
  • Improves customer experience through fast, quality-controlled responses

So, what could ReplyOne do for your customer service team?

Our online demo allows you to cast your eye over ReplyOne with no obligation to proceed. You’ll get a concise overview of the capabilities of our customer service solution in under 30 minutes.