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Service. Sales. Support. Various industries. B2B & B2C. With our customer service software ReplyOne you can meet the diverse requirements of your clients. 

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What you should pay attention to?

Important functions for call centers

With ReplyOne, service teams work in a structured and productive manner - for a wide range of clients from different industries. When customers contact you, they expect to be helped in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time, because customer service always aims to solve problems as quickly as possible. With ReplyOne, your service teams work for different clients on just one user interface. This allows you to take your digital customer service to the next level.

Multi-client capable for clean customer separation

ReplyOne supports you with unique flexibility. Create different clients, company divisions or countries as individual clients. The AI-based call center software separates your clients and thus offers you the necessary legal certainty. Your employees can also work for different clients in parallel - on different channels, with the best overview.

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Optimal data exchange For full transparency

As a contact center, you often work on your clients' systems. If they use different CRM systems, it can become confusing and problematic. With our CRM Connector this is no problem! This creates the perfect standard interface into all common CRM systems. So you get optimal data exchange in real time.

Perfect customer service for every team size
Here you will find our service packages for service teams with up to 30 employees.


Your clients expect transparent Reportings. With different clients, data collection can become chaotic. Not with ReplyOne! Here you can keep track of all information and data - separated by client - and at the same time provide detailed reports on processing times and other relevant key figures. Call up the KPIs for individual clients at any time with ReplyOne and keep an eye on your order targets - with full control.

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No matter how the teams are to be structured. ReplyOne offers flexible options: location-, skill- or team-based. Both flat and hierarchical structures can be mapped and organized with ReplyOne. Furthermore, authorizations can be defined granularly.

Browser-based - Always and everywhere up to date

With digitalization and unforeseen global situations, remote work has become increasingly important. ReplyOne is a browser-based solution. This means that your call center employees can access the software at any time and from anywhere and always work with the latest call center software version. All they need is a stable internet connection.

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