Centralization of all
written incoming channels

of all written
incoming channels

ReplyHub offers an end-to-end solution for the centralization of all written customer contact channels. This makes companies contactable on all channels customers use for their inquiries. In addition, the system enables effective handling and transparent control. The ReplyHub interfaces can be flexibly configured to accommodate individual requirements and existing IT infrastructures.

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E-mails – fast, personal
and engaging

After the telephone, e-mail is the channel customers use most frequently to contact your company. At the same time, e-mail is the perfect tool for you to respond to your customers’ questions quickly and reliably and to send information or contractual details. Improve your efficiency and the quality of your e-mail communication – whether automated confirmation of receipt or dispatch or customizing responses to complex customer inquiries.

What we do for you:

Increase automation levels through accurate topic recognition

Intelligent routing (by topic, qualification, availability, etc.)

Text templates and interfaces to knowledge databases

CRM recording

Reporting at the touch of a button


Chat – Customer service in real-time

Integrieren Sie ReplyChat als Dialogangebot auf Ihrer Website und überzeugen Sie Interessenten und Kunden mit Informationen und Service in Echtzeit. Nutzen Sie die intelligente Kombination aus KI-basierten automatisierten Prozessen und persönlichem Service durch Ihre Mitarbeiter – für spürbar mehr Effizienz, maximale Unterstützung Ihrer Servicemitarbeiter und herausragende Customer Experience für Ihre Kunden.

What we do for you:

Prioritized routing

Automatic topic and customer identification

Parallel editing of multiple chats

Text modules and interfaces to knowledge databases

Flexible surveys for service optimization


Facebook – customer service
for sharing and liking

Facebook is used by 1.8 billion people all over the world, and a growing number of customers are also relying on the platform for quick service inquiries. ReplyHub will enable you to ensure that service inquiries are routed to your contact center experts and reliably answered. Use public posts with explanatory links for general answers and private messages for customized responses.

What we do for you:

Facebook connection in the contact center and prioritization of Facebook inquiries

Routing to social media experts in your contact center

Smooth switching of communication channels in the case
of personal data


WhatsApp & text messaging

Smartphones are always to hand. Therefore, brief messages via WhatsApp or texts are the perfect solution to address a quick service inquiry. Photos for illustration can also be sent easily.
Your team decides whether a short text message or sending an explanatory video to the smartphone is sufficient or whether making a call is the better option. You can ensure that your customers will benefit from the best service on all channels by being able to switch flexibly between communication channels.

What we do for you:

Standard user interface for WhatsApp and text messaging

Contact history irrespective of the channel

CRM reconciliation and CRM recording


Twitter – service in 280 characters

Every month more than 300 million people all over the world use Twitter for news, statements and status updates – and service inquiries. To enable you to answer quickly and professionally in 280 characters, ReplyHub prioritizes and routes inquiries to your social media team in customer service. Many queries can be answered in minutes through automated topic recognition and stored short URLs for demo videos and Q&A documents – either in the public domain or by personal message.

What we do for you:

Twitter connection to contact center with CRM connection

Inclusion of the Klout score for prioritizing inquiries

Simple to switch communication channels for personal data


Letter, telefax and form

While the process of digitalization is progressing apace, letters and faxes are still the preferred communication channel for important contractual issues or legally binding notifications. ReplyHub ensures that scanned letters, incoming telefaxes or forms needing to be filled out are relayed to your contact center where they can be quickly and efficiently processed with the aid of approved text templates.

What we do for you:

OCR interface for scanned letters and forms

CRM reconciliation and recording

ERP connection


Communication channels of the future

New contact channels are emerging in the context of digitalization that your customers may use for service inquiries in the future.

ReplyOne’s flexible system architecture also enables the rapid integration of new communication channels.

What we do for you:

Future-proofed through easy integration of new contact channels

Development of standardized interfaces

Centralization of all incoming channels



The powerful technology
behind ReplyOne

The powerful technology behind the ReplyDesk graphic user interface enables the flexible scalability of all written customer communication whatever the size of the company. The inquiries of your customer, regardless of the channel used, are centralized through ReplyHub (Pos. 1). The next step is for ReplyAnalytics (Pos. 2) to analyze the content of the inquiry and assign it to the right category. With ReplyLink (Pos. 3), the data are enriched with customer information relevant for the process in order for the final step when ReplyRouting (Pos. 4) allocates the inquiry to the right agent. At the same time, ReplyRouting (Pos. 4) also sends the right response template to the agent who now has all the information at hand at the workplace to process the customer inquiry effectively.