Intelligent speech and topic
recognition in more than 40 languages

Performing its analyses and categorization, ReplyAnalytics records more than 3,000 words per second in over 70 languages. The unique categorization algorithm reliably identifies the topic and content in every written inquiry and filters the information provided to achieve precise allocation. The intelligent speech and topic recognition was developed at the DFKI – German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

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Artificial intelligence
for satisfied customers all over the world


The powerful technology
behind ReplyOne

The powerful technology behind the ReplyDesk graphic user interface enables the flexible scalability of all written customer communication whatever the size of the company. The inquiries of your customer, regardless of the channel used, are centralized through ReplyHub (Pos. 1). The next step is for ReplyAnalytics (Pos. 2) to analyze the content of the inquiry and assign it to the right category. With ReplyLink (Pos. 3), the data are enriched with customer information relevant for the process in order for the final step when ReplyRouting (Pos. 4) allocates the inquiry to the right agent. At the same time, ReplyRouting (Pos. 4) also sends the right response template to the agent who now has all the information at hand at the workplace to process the customer inquiry effectively.