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Giving customer service

an energy boost

lekker Energie responds to customer inquiries faster,

more efficiently and to a higher standard.

Making our customers a flexible offer of gas and electricity to suit their needs – this is lekker Energie’s aspiration true to its motto of “Energy the way I want it”. The company strives to achieve this high standard in its customer service at all times. This was also the motivation for the power supply company that provides private households as well as industrial and commercial customers with electricity, gas and energy-related services to choose ReplyOne (formerly Mailminder / Respond).


lekker Energie uses the leading response management solution for customer engagement to respond to written customer inquiries  - quickly, efficiently and to a consistently high standard via a user-friendly, intuitive graphic user interface that covers all written contact channels, such as e-mail, letter and telefax.  


The challenge

In the past, lekker Energie used to answer and archive customer inquiries manually. The company’s aim was to improve the speed and efficiency of service processes in written customer support by having a greater degree of automation while maintaining its already very high quality standards. At the same time, the response management application needed to be seamlessly integrated into the existing customer relationship management system, as well as providing an archiving function and meaningful reporting. “Sematell’s response management solution fulfilled every aspect of our requirements,” says Roberto Zanella, team leader of the call center’s back office. 

“ReplyOne has fully met our expectations for optimizing our processes

in written customer service while maintaining the same high quality standards when

responding to inquiries.”

The solution

Today, customer inquiries sent by e-mail, letter or telefax to lekker Energie are answered with a high degree of automation, fast and to a high standard, across all communication channels.


Letters and telefaxes are digitalized and analyzed fully automatically by OCR, individual customer data are automatically inserted into responses that ReplyOne suggests based on text analysis, and ticket numbers are assigned to facilitate the identification of customer documents. Connection to the CRM system enables the complete and transparent documentation of the customer contact, master data are partly automatically changed, and the archiving of customer communication (incoming and outgoing documents) is carried out in accordance with current legislation. In addition, the system automatically generates statistics and provides informative reporting. Last, but not least, Sematell developed customized workflows for lekker Energie, for instance for the processing of payments on account or changes to bank details.  

The implementation 

During the preparatory stage, lekker Energie provided the technical infrastructure of the database and the application server with the support of Sematell. Sematell specialists then installed the application on site. The implementation of the generic workflow and several top workflows was carried out in two phases within the project timeline. “Cooperation between ourselves and Sematell during the implementation phase went extremely well, as does the work we do together now,” says Roberto Zanella, team leader of the call center’s back office. “We have a dedicated contact at Sematell, as well as half-yearly meetings about IT, and we have support with user questions. When we need support, Sematell responds immediately, and implementing individual system add-ons is easy and quick.”    

“Thanks to ReplyOne, we have raised the degree of automation

significantly in answering our customers’ inquiries by e-mail,

letter and telefax. Sematell’s response management solution

has allowed us to substantially enhance our efficiency. Since

the implementation of ReplyOne we have answered customer

inquiries by e-mail, letter or telefax more efficiently and more

rapidly while maintaining the same quality standards.”

The success: More efficient processes and a higher quality standard  

“For us, added value from ReplyOne is reflected above all in routing the incoming written customer documents, in the support in answering customer inquiries, and in the automated archiving of customer communication. Our expectations of optimizing processes in written customer service while maintaining our high standards in answering the inquiries have been fully satisfied by ReplyOne,” comments Robert Zanella, team leader of the call center’s back office.      


The most important benefits for business

  • Smooth implementation into existing business systems
  • Optimized processing
  • Greater degree of automation 
  • Inquiries automatically routed to the right agent
  • Greater customer proximity through faster response times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Leaner workflow enhances efficiency
  • Greater productivity
  • Extensive reporting

About lekker Energie

lekker Energie is a leading supplier of electricity, gas and energy-related services for private households in all Germany’s metropolitan regions as well as industrial and commercial customers across the nation. Service quality, innovative tariff offerings and fair contractual conditions for customers form the focus of lekker Energie (formerly Nuon Deutschland). The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Berlin and Heinsberg (North Rhine Westphalia). lekker Energie GmbH is Germany’s third largest supplier of green energy with more than 300,000 private household customers.. The company has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of SWK STADTWERKE KREFELD AG since January 1, 2013. Together, the group companies supply more than 500,000 customers with electricity, gas, drinking water and energy-related services