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e-mail management

ReplyOne reduces costs and enhances the quality

of CosmosDirekt´s customer care services.

CosmosDirekt is Germany’s largest direct insurer. For years CosmosDirekt has topped the independent ratings with respect to the cost/performance ratio of its insurance and financial products, as well as the service and consulting provided by its staff. Whether their concerns pertain to retirement, personal liability insurance or car insurance, the company’s customers receive quick and competent responses to their inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In order to maintain this high quality standard for e-mail communications as well, without the need for large numbers of employees, CosmosDirekt chose to use ReplyOne.


The challenge

It is increasingly common for current and potential customers to use e-mail when communicating with CosmosDirekt’s sales and service team. The company received about 100 e-mails per day in 2003. Since then, the volume has increased by more than a double-digit percentage rate annually. “Eighty percent of consumers see e-mail as the communication channel of the future,” explains Thomas Stürmer, head of IT at CosmosDirekt. “So a professional approach to e-mail management is absolutely essential for our direct sales business model.”

“Thanks to ReplyOne, we are able to handle a considerably

greater volume of e-mails, respond more quickly to customer

inquiries and improve response quality, all with fewer staff members.”

The solution

CosmosDirekt found the ideal solution in ReplyOne. Using a combination of artificial intelligence and modern language technology, this multi-channel management system carries out precise analysis of incoming electronic mail and classifies it according to multiple dimensions, including the customer’s concern, the sender’s address and the tone of the message.


Furthermore, the system continually expands its knowledge base, which makes it possible for the software to adapt to changes in the communication landscape or new subject areas. After analyzing and categorizing the content of the e-mails, ReplyOne automatically forwards them to the responsible staff member indicating its priority level. Agents also receive text modules or suggested responses, accompanied by a “matching level” indicating the likelihood that they will fit the situation. 

Savings of approximately €100,000 per year  

ReplyOne’s ability to analyze e-mails automatically and forward them to the appropriate recipient, a process that had previously been carried out manually, made it possible to reduce the processing time for each e-mail by one minute. “Thanks to ReplyOne, we are able to handle a considerably greater volume of emails, respond more quickly to customer inquiries and improve response quality, all with fewer staff members,” Stürmer sums up. In addition, CosmosDirekt benefits from a substantial reduction in workload and costs related to performance measurement and reporting. ReplyOne, with its multi-user capability, not only controls the entire workflow, but also employs escalation strategies and queuing mechanisms to ensure that the best possible use is made of the service team. Moreover, with the help of integrated reporting components, CosmosDirekt is able to analyze electronic messages in real time, as well as compiling statistics about the service level. “We expect to achieve savings of some €100,000 per year through the use of automated communications.” In 2007, the use of ReplyOne was expanded in an effort to move toward paperless  processing. Today, letters and faxes can also be processed digitally.

The customer

  • With over €1.4 billion in income from premiums, CosmosDirekt is Germany’s largest direct insurer

The challenge

  • Responding to a large and continually growing number of e-mails

  • Making the best possible use of the service team

  • Performance measurement and reporting

  • Multi-user capability

Advantages: An overview

  • Savings of close to €100,000 per year

  • The ability to handle a greater volume of e-mails

  • Faster responses to customer inquiries

  • Improved response quality

  • The ability to process a much larger number of letters and faxes

About CosmosDirekt

With revenue from premiums amounting to more than €1.4 billion, CosmosDirekt is Germany’s largest direct insurer. By making a conscious decision to forgo field staff, middlemen and branch offices, the company is able to offer its customers an unparalleled advantage: Extremely low new business and administrative costs result in low premiums over the long term and – in the area of capital formation – above average customer returns. This exemplary direct insurance company offers an individualized approach to personal, car, house and financial insurance. Its individualized and competent service is available to current and potential customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Further information can be found at www.cosmosdirekt.de