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Perfect responses

to customer e-mails

Always stylish: a 40-percent increase

in service center productivity at bonprix.

Premium style at attractive prices: This approach has allowed the mail-order company bonprix to attract and retain some eight million customers. More and more current and prospective customers are contacting bonprix by e-mail, resulting in a large volume of e-mails that require a quick response, since rapid response times are a crucial factor in customer satisfaction. In seeking to provide the best possible support for its service staff, bonprix has been working with ReplyOne (formerly MailMinder) since the summer of 2002.


The challenge

The bonprix service center is open for customers seven days a week. One of its most important responsibilities is to respond to inquiries quickly and efficiently – a reliable indicator of service quality and customer satisfaction. To meet this challenge, in the face of a steady increase in e-mail volume, while also keeping costs and work hours under control, bonprix needed an intelligent and adaptable solution for its e-mail response management.

The solution

Following a six-month evaluation period, during which bonprix tested several software options, it chose to go with ReplyOne. The results were already impressive during the testing phase; bonprix reports that a cost-benefit analysis showed ReplyOne to be considerably superior to the competing programs. 

The customer

  • With some eight million customers, bonprix is one of Germany’s largest and most successful mail-order companies

The challenge

  • Quickly and efficiently responding to inquiries despite a steady increase in e-mail volume

Advantages: an overview

  • Exceptional accuracy in analyzing and categorizing content

  • Automated assignment of e-mails to the responsible agent

  • A substantial reduction in the time and money needed for processing e-mails

  • Individualized response options

  • Forty percent greater productivity

Top marks for analyzing text content  

One of the most important arguments: ReplyOne offers the best system for categorizing incoming e-mails, in other words the most reliable content analysis. With the help of artificial intelligence and language technology, the system is able to understand content within its respective context – unlike standard programs, that only recognize key words, and do not consider the context. 


This allows ReplyOne to achieve an extremely high level of accuracy. Even when e-mails are very brief, include a large number of typing errors or contain awkward wording, the system is able to understand the content. The e-mail is automatically assigned to the proper category and passed on to the appropriate employee, whose computer screen then displays a suggested response. This is enormously helpful for the members of the service team and allows them to respond to their customers very quickly. The company found that the system paid for itself immediately. After only a few weeks, the use of ReplyOne at the service center resulted in a productivity increase of roughly 40 percent.

During the testing phase, ReplyOne was already increasing

the productivity of the bonprix service center by roughly 40 percent.

About bonprix

The mail-order company bonprix is part of the Otto trade group. With some eight million customers, it is one of Germany’s largest and most successful mail-order businesses. Bonprix is continuing to expand by further diversifying its inventory, integrating a variety of distribution channels and applying its successful approach to other European markets. It has already established itself in Italy, France and Poland. The company has a total of approximately 1,200 employees.