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1&1 Internet AG uses ReplyOne

for its international sites.

Today 1&1 is located not only in Germany, but also in Austria, England, Spain, France, the United States and the Philippines. In order to provide effective support outside Germany, 1&1 Internet AG is already successfully using ReplyOne at several international locations. ReplyOne has been assisting staff in France since May 2007, and it was introduced in the United States and England in March 2008.


The exceptional multi-client capability of ReplyOne has allowed 1&1 to integrate foreign sites into ReplyOne in a very short period of time from a central location in Germany. “We have been working with ReplyOne (formerly MailMinder) for several years”, says Henning Ahlert, chief operations/customer care officer at 1&1 Internet AG. “Because of our years of experience with the system, we were able to put it into operation at our foreign sites within four weeks.” Employees in other countries use the ReplyOne installation in Germany as well as the same support system. When handling inquiries or reports, however, agents access only the customer data from their own site.

“Because of our years of experience with the system,

we were able to put it into operation at our foreign sites within four weeks.”

Rapid e-mail processing is essential for high-quality customer support

In 2007, 1&1 Internet AG received five million e-mail inquiries in Germany alone. Since ReplyOne was first introduced, customer communications have become increasingly complex. They may contain varying amounts of detail and questions related to different areas, such as contract customer service or technology. ReplyOne enables 1&1 to sort over 14,000 e-mails each day and handles preliminary decisions, such as whether an automatic response can be issued or whether a specialized department needs to take over. This reduces waiting times, leading to considerably greater customer satisfaction. 


As 1&1’s products have become more technologically advanced, related processes have also become more complex. For example, 1&1 Internet AG has a variety of external partners in the sphere of DSL, all of which have differing procedures for providing DSL access. There has also been a dramatic increase in customer expectations, particularly with respect to response times. 


Even very complex inquiries need to be answered by qualified staff members within a short period of time. With ReplyOne, we can process more than 25 e-mails per hour and agent. ReplyOne is used selectively in contexts in which it is possible to presort inquiries, for example when they are simple questions about contracts or technological issues. In the case of some 20 to 30 percent of inquiries, one customer sends several e-mails to customer support in rapid succession. ReplyOne recognizes the sender so that these messages can be grouped together. With the help of ReplyOne, about 15 percent of the e-mail inquiries received by 1&1 is pre-processed without any human input. This saves time and permits a rapid response.

Rapid integration into existing company systems

Before 1&1 decided to go with ReplyOne, the company already knew what it expected such a system to do. What 1&1 envisioned was a kind of artificial intelligence that would analyze and sort incoming e-mails and their contents, then prioritize them and pass them on to the agent responsible. Other important considerations were the expertise of the manufacturer and the option of expanding or adapting the system.


When ReplyOne was first introduced at 1&1, the process was successfully completed within a few weeks following a preparatory phase. 1&1 Internet AG has now completely integrated ReplyOne into its in-house CRM system.


Among other things, this means that upon receipt of e-mail inquiries – which continue to be categorized with the help of ReplyOne – agents have access to the entire history of the respective customer and are better able to classify the support request.  

 “For us, as a company with over 3,500 employees, it is very important to be able to respond quickly and efficiently when our customers contact us. Since 1&1 is a leading Internet services provider, it needs to offer the very best customer support. ReplyOne allows us to reduce the time needed to process e-mail communications, thereby offering the best possible support. Thanks to ReplyOne, we can handle a considerably greater volume of e-mails with fewer staff, respond more quickly to customer inquiries and improve the quality of our responses.”

Henning Ahlert, Chief operations/customer care officer , 1&1 Internet AG


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1&1 Internet is one of the world’s leading web hosting providers. 1&1 currently offers a wide range of web hosting products, including e-mail solutions and high-end servers in 10 different countries including Germany, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. Known for its comprehensive and affordable Internet products, 1&1’s unique business model positions it as a one-stop Internet shop.