F R O N T E N D   &   B A C K E N D

Intelligent Response Management

with five strong components

Precision and productivity united in one graphic user interface

Interfaces for all written contact channels,
including social media

Speech and topic recognition in more

than 40 languages with data extraction

CRM interfaces for qualitative

customer data enrichment

Routing system for agent assignment

and precise response templates

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ReplyOne combines five strong components into a unique response management system.

Thanks to their high scalability and flexibility, Sematell solutions make automating and centralizing
written customer communication attractive for companies of all sizes.

P E R F O R M A N C E   F E A T U R E S

Right on target

Advantages for your response management

Omni-Channel / Multi-Channel

End-to-end solution: all written

 customer contact channels, including

 social media

Utmost precision
in more than 40 languages

 developed at the DFKI – German

 Research Center for
 Artificial Intelligence

High performance

with scalability

 for high volumes

 (customer inquiries/employee numbers)

Simple Implementation
 KM and rapid

 staff introduction

High level of transparency

in history-related reporting

 and real-time diagnoses, as well as

 for communication topics and

 communication volumes

Perfect usability

for simple operation

 of the interface in a total of

 5 language versions