April 11, 2017


  • New potential for quality management and control
  • Transcription and analysis of voice recordings
  • Full customer contact history in ReplyOne, also for phone contacts


Saarbrücken, April 11, 2017 – Sematell, a specialized provider of response management solutions based on artificial intelligence, has agreed a technology partnership with voiXen. Berlin-based voiXen offers a contemporary method for analyzing audio files that enables telephone calls, recorded messages and audio tracks on videos to be automatically transcribed and analyzed.


Avoiding multiple contacts

“With voiXen technology, we can enrich customer contact history in ReplyOne with information from service telephone calls. If the customer adviser has the full history, multiple contacts via different channels can be avoided. This reduces processing costs while raising the response quality,” explains Thomas Dreikauss, Sematell’s Chief Executive Officer. “This partnership underscores our aspiration of making a cutting-edge centralized omni-channel service platform available to contact centers that can be supplemented by complementary innovative solutions such as voiXen.” 


ReplyOne is an innovative software solution for use in contact centers. With outstanding artificial intelligence and a high ability to integrate with enterprise applications, ReplyOne enables the efficient and precise processing of service inquiries on all written communication channels, with the respectively desired degree of automation.  


Innovative quality management

“Just like Sematell, we pursue the goal of optimizing quality and efficiency in customer service. Our solution enables this through the automatic transcribing, categorization and analysis of conversations. Central service topics can therefore be quickly identified and conducting conversations optimized. In addition, an objective and fair assessment of the performance of service staff can be made, regardless of whether they are on form on a particular day,” explains Dennis Schottler, Chief Executive Officer of voiXen GmbH. “Our solution is therefore an ideal quality management tool.” 


Voice recordings mandatory for financial institutions

As part of enacting the EU’s Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) into national law, Section 83 (3) of the current bill of the second Financial Markets Reeinactment Law stipulates that all consultations on securities and financial instruments conducted via telephone must be recorded. “With an integrated voiXen-Sematell solution, banks are not only able to comply with their statutory obligations, but above all also give their customers much more individualized support if the respective customer adviser can see these consultations in the customer’s history,” Thomas Dreikauss explains. 


Themed trends for correspondence and voice recording

In reporting for written customer communication, ReplyOne identifies trends concerning volumes and themes – with voiXen, keywords can now be used to conduct searches on voice recordings as well, and added to the trend analysis.   


360 degrees view of the customer

As part of the partnership, both companies will make standardized interfaces available, among other features, in order to facilitate the seamless integration of both solutions. “We can therefore enable a 360 degree view of the customer from telephone and written contacts for customer service. This simply means delivering better customized service, and ultimately translates into stronger customer loyalty,” Thomas Dreikauss states.




voiXen GmbH

voiXen based in Berlin offers new possibilities for customer communication. Originating from the idea of combining and supplementing innovative voice technologies to enable voice recordings to be optimally archived, categorized and analyzed, a comprehensive cloud service designed to facilitate the simple management and analysis of voice recordings has been created. Contents can be quickly found, keywords analyzed and trends depicted through fully automated transcription and categorization. 



Sematell GmbH

Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Sematell is a leading provider of highly scalable response management solutions based on artificial intelligence. Sematell solutions for contact centers precisely analyze written inquiries in more than 40 languages and always deliver the right response to each individual customer. The outstanding language and topic recognition was developed at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and ensures maximum productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency.  


The company is the initiator and a member of the Trusted Network for Innovative Omni-Channel Customer Service. As part of this cooperative venture, interfaces – such as specialized telephony, chat, translation and knowledge database solutions from market-leading providers – are made available for the ReplyOne response management solution. Sematell’s customer base includes such renowned names as Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Postbank AG, Medion AG and Tchibo GmbH.


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