February 27, 2018


  • Innovative product add-on of the ReplyOne omni-channel service platform
  • Central analysis and control cockpit for written customer communication  
  • Full transparency and high visibility, also when on the road


Saarbrücken, February 27, 2018 - Sematell, a specialized provider of response management solutions based on artificial intelligence, presents ReplyControl, a central analysis and control cockpit for written customer communication. The innovative product add-on of the omni-channel ReplyOne software solution enables contact center managers to keep an eye on all operational service transactions, with a comparison of all the relevant KPIs, and intervene if necessary - not only on site but from mobile devices when also on the road. 


"With ReplyControl, all the relevant KPIs of written customer communication are available at all times" explains Thomas Dreikauss, CEO of Sematell GmbH. "This transparency enables the staff in charge of contact centers to manage their service organization in a targeted manner - for better service and higher customer satisfaction."



Individually configurable dashboard


ReplyControl offers a wide range of different status overviews and reporting functionalities in graphic form, which can be configured in line with requirements and user rights. Screens with different KPIs deliver output that are perfectly customized using comprehensive filters across several dimensions. The team overview shows, for instance, how many documents have been assigned to the individual customer adviser for processing, whether he is currently processing a document or is basically available. The queue screen, for example, displays a clear overview of the current number of documents pertaining to a certain service topic, the average processing time and the current service level in comparison with the respective targets. Individual queues can be directly prioritized on the dashboard. Contact center managers can therefore decide which topics should currently be given preference and which teams or employees are to be deployed for processing and, if required, make changes at short notice. 


In ReplyControl the number of incoming and already assigned documents over the course of time or compliance with the service levels and processing times defined can be quickly and easily displayed. Individual KPIs and presentations can also be integrated, if required. 


Customized transparency 

ReplyControl offers multi-monitor support and flexible access rights for the different departments or locations. This enables a wide variety of organization structures and transparency levels to be mapped, from small teams right through to an international service organization. Team leaders, contact center managers and senior executives all benefit from the comprehensive transparency of written customer communication customized to take account of the information required.  


Keeping a close eye on KPIs - with the Smartwatch, even when on the road 


To give staff in charge of contact centers an overview of service correspondence at all times, even when they are traveling, and the possibility of intervening if necessary, ReplyControl also supports mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. If desired, a smartwatch can be used to check whether the KPIs are all on track. 


The basic version of ReplyControl that offers the team and queue screen, for instance, is available free of charge for ReplyOne users. The non-free advanced versions offer additional functionalities, such as filtering and grouping options, including by category, communication channel or groups.  


Sematell GmbH

Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Sematell is a specialized provider of highly scalable response management solutions based on artificial intelligence. Sematell solutions for use in contact centers precisely analyze written inquiries in more than 70 languages and always deliver the right response to the individual customer. The outstanding language and topic recognition was developed at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and ensures maximum productivity, customer satisfaction and efficiency.  

The company is the initiator and a member of the Trusted Network for innovative omni-channel customer service. As part of this cooperative venture, interfaces - such as specialized telephony, chat, translation and knowledge database solutions from market-leading providers - are made available for the ReplyOne response management solution. Sematell's customer base includes such renowned names as Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Postbank AG and Medion AG. 



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