P R A C T I C A L   E X A M P L E

Multilingual service

Do you speak the language
of your customers?

Multilingual service enhances customer loyalty and makes a brand more appealing


Europe and the world are in the process of converging. Every day employees from companies with global operations go on business trips. School children and students on exchange programs spend months or years living abroad. Nine million citizens in Germany have a migration background. How many of them have been in a situation when they needed to use customer service of a company in a foreign country or in a foreign language? And how grateful would many of these customers be if they could submit their written enquiries in their native language? 

Dutch telephone company addresses Turkish citizens in Germany


Marketing experts have long since recognized the sales potential that could be tapped if foreign citizens were addressed in their mother tongue and products customized to suit them. For some years now “Ethno marketing” has been used in a targeted manner. E-Plus has successfully established itself in Germany with Al Yildiz as its own mobile telephone brand for Germany’s population of Turkish origin ranks and ranks as a pioneer in this discipline. Harnessing this potential, however, means ensuring that customer service is offered in German as well in the respective language of the target group. With ReplyOne, this is very simple in written customer communication: the response management solution based on artificial intelligence precisely analyses incoming inquiries in 42 languages and always provides the right customized response in the desired language.

Sudden successful - and in global demand

While start-ups are potentially developed today on the kitchen table in Berlin or in the living room of a flat sharing community in Cologne, most of them are thinking globally right from the start. But what if the product achieves international demand so quickly that customer inquiries flood in from all over the world, and partly in unfamiliar languages? If customer service is perceived in international dimensions for the company right from the start, and a multilingual solution such as ReplyOne is chosen, even a small service team can offer service extremely efficiently in many languages. If the answer needs to be a little more complex, standardized interfaces with leading translation solutions can be offered with ReplyOne on request. If the company grows, and the demand for service along with it, scaling up ReplyOne is fast and simple.  

International service for global companies


“All business is local”: almost all globally operating companies have adopted this marketing maxim. They maintain local sales organizations, a website in the respective language, and use advertising tailored to the specific country. If customer numbers in a country exceed a critical size, local service organizations are generally established or outsourced to offer customer service in the local language. For many companies operating abroad, this is daily business. With regard to customer service, however, local organizations frequently represent isolated information silos. Although many of these companies have put centralized corporate applications in place - such as ERP or CRM systems – which their local organizations are accessing, many of them do not yet leverage the potential of a centralized, multilingual customer service solution for written customer communication.


Quality-assured content creation for all the languages required, standardized service processes and transparency across inquiry volumes and the most important topics in the individual countries are only some of the advantages. ReplyOne is the right solution here as well. Whether service staff work in Germany, France, Italy, the US or Mexico is not an issue – the graphic user face of ReplyOne is available in six languages and offers topic recognition as well as the option of allocating prepared answers to these topics in many as 42 languages. ReplyOne is easy to integrate into other company applications, allowing companies to benefit from all the advantages of interconnected global customer services.

At home in the world – with the best service at all times

Customers all over the world who quickly receive the right answer to their questions – also if their e-mail is in their native tongue - experience customer service as it should be: individual, friendly, respectful and pleasant. This pays off as greater customer loyalty and a positive brand image. Do you already speak the language of your customers?

About Sematell 


Sematell is a specialized software provider of intelligent response management solutions for use in customer service centers. The German software company has been in the business of developing innovative solutions for the global customer service market for more than 16 years. Sematell’s successful track record originates at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Saarbrücken (DFKI). This is where the unique categorization algorithm used in the ReplyOne central solution (formerly Mail Minder / Attensity Respond) was developed together with DFKI. The precision, stability and response accuracy of ReplyOne is the result of intensive research conducted over many years. As a leading provider of contact center software, the company employs highly specialized experts from the fields of artificial intelligence, software and hardware technology, as well as consultancy and implementation. For many years Sematell has supported prestigious company of all sizes operating in different sectors, including Deutsche Telekom AG, Deutsche Postbank AG, Medion AG and Tchibo GmbH.