Perfection for all written

communication channels

Customers want straight forward answers to straight forward questions. Sematell solutions precisely analyze written inquiries and always deliver the right customized response. The very first response template can already be approved and sent out by the service staff member. This kind of quality in communication is compelling and creates customer loyalty. Also, when achieving 

company goals, artificial intelligence ranks as a key success factor. Sematell solutions optimize the performance and profitability of customer communication. Automation raises productivity and creates stability regardless of the daily form of staff members. This creates scope for developing new entrepreneurial potentials.

“Winning a new customer is twice as expensive
as keeping the customers you already have happy.”

Individual responses
for customers
 to a high  standard and with  precision

Optimization of
performance and

 profitability in

 customer service

High level of transparency in
 history-related reporting  and real-time diagnoses

P R A C T I C A L   E X A M P L E S

Competition today

Productivity & customer satisfaction


Digitalization & centralization

for full written

customer communication

Facebook is used by 1.8 billion people all over the world, and an growing number of customers are also relying on the platform for fast service inquiries.

Every month more than 300 million people all over the world use Twitter for news, statements and status updates – and service inquiries.

Send your customers photos for explanatory purposes accompanied by a short text message. You can ensure the best service through flexible use ...

After the telephone, e-mail is the contact channel customers use most frequently contacting your company. And, at the same time, the perfect tool for you ...

The smartphone is always at hand. Which is why brief text messages are the perfect solution for a quick service inquiry ...


While the process of digitalization is advancing apace, letters are still the preferred communication channel for important contractual issues or legally binding notifications.

Incoming telefaxes are relayed digitally for handling in your contact center where they are quickly and effectively processed with the aid of intelligent analysis ...

All kinds of forms are quickly and efficiently processed with the aid of intelligent analysis and sent to your contact center ...