March 3, 2016

ReplyOne Task Management – Next Generation Process Management for CustomerService

  • Add-on module for the ReplyOne omni-channel service solution 

  • Business process initiation from within customer service 

  • Transparent processing of multi-topic queries  

Saarbrücken, 3 March 2016
– Sematell (formerly Attensity Europe GmbH), a leading provider of interaction solutions, has unveiled ReplyOne Task Management, an innovative add-on module for the ReplyOne omni-channel customer service platform. ReplyOne Task Management provides an additional means of bridging the gap between customer service and downstream business processes.


One query, numerous tasks

Multi-topic queries pose a particular challenge for customer service teams – these are produced when a customer combines several inquiries in a single e-mail, letter or social media post – and also queries which require several different tasks to be executed in order to resolve them. In numerous cases, downstream business processes also need to be initiated alongside a fast and informative response. Most customer service departments require the laborious manual tracking of these queries in order to ensure that each task is completed in full – and it is not unusual for certain aspects of a query to be forgotten. This leads to multiple unnecessary contacts, which have a negative impact on customer satisfaction levels. 


ReplyOne Task Management leaves no question unanswered 

ReplyOne Task Management splits a single query into an unlimited number of individual tasks, all of which can be tracked separately. The same goes for single-topic queries, which can of course necessitate several separate tasks, too. ReplyOne Task Management separates the response process from the tasks produced by the query. As a result, numerous tasks can be independently tracked in parallel. This multitasking approach can significantly increase the speed with which complex queries are processed. Customer service agents are informed by the integrated ticket system when they take on each separate query or task and are able to process it quickly and specifically. The primary, central query is only closed when all sub-

topics or tasks have been completed in full. Transparent reporting provides a clear overview of the status of each query and associated tasks at any given time. This even includes separate processes in third-party systems. ReplyOne Task Management thereby ensures that all topics are reliably addressed and that all necessary processes and tasks are initiated and can be tracked transparently from within the customer service organization.


Interfaces to downstream IT systems 

As an add-on module, ReplyOne Task Management benefits from ReplyOne’s wide-ranging integration capability featuring a simple link to third-party systems. ReplyOne provides standard interfaces to enterprise applications such as CRM and ERP, or customer service specific applications like knowledge management and chat solutions. In this way, ReplyOne facilitates deep, process-oriented integration into the IT system landscape and enables the initiation and documentation of business processes in downstream systems from within the customer service organization. “Our Task Management system in combination with Reply One is a huge step forward for greater customer satisfaction,” explained Thomas Dreikauss, CEO of Sematell GmbH. “It makes it possible, as never before, to initiate – from within customer service – precisely those business processes that have an impact on customer satisfaction levels.”


About ReplyOne 

ReplyOne is the leading omni-channel platform for customer service queries. The outstanding categorization algorithm was developed in cooperation with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence and ensures precise topic recognition in more than 40 languages. The response management solution offers highly scalable, multi-client processing through all written communications channels including social media.


Jutta Lorberg

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Phone: +49 (0) 2154 8122-22


Sematell GmbH 

Sematell (formerly Attensity Europe GmbH), headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, is a leading provider of interaction solutions. The software provider offers contact centers highly scalable, multilingual, multi-client-enabled and modularly upgradable solutions for strategic customer experience management. Sematell solutions set new standards in highly efficient service processes. The company is the initiator and a member of the Trusted Network for Innovative Omni-Channel Customer Service. As part of this cooperative venture, interfaces – such as specialized chat, translation and knowledge database solutions from market-leading providers – are made available for the ReplyOne response management solution. Sematell’s customer base includes such renowned names as Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Postbank, Medion and Tchibo.