Solutions for inhouse customer service

Your direct line to the customer

Good customer service is the best way to stay in direct contact with your customers and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. ReplyOne provides you with all the necessary features to keep service quality at the highest level. 

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What you should pay attention to?

Important functions for in-house customer service

With ReplyOne you retain full control over your inhouse customer service. You define how your service teams are assigned and according to which criteria they are deployed. Your employees know your product, your service and your company processes best. They can therefore respond quickly and competently to requests. With our AI-based customer service software, you process your customer inquiries quickly and precisely. And thus relieve your service team.

Multi-client capable for perfect customer separation

As a company, do you take on different market roles externally? For example, are you a supplier with the areas of network and sales? With ReplyOne's mandate separation you create the necessary legal certainty.


Cleverly control visibility of sensitive data

Not every employee is allowed to see all data and information? With the Access Control List plugin you can restrict the visibility of documents. You define by whom which processes may be executed or by which employees modules may be used.


All customer data at a glance

With the CRM Connector content such as e-mail address, name and address information of your customers is identified directly. In addition, customer data from your CRM system is enriched. This saves your employees the trouble of searching for contacts and they don't have to worry about contact maintenance - everything happens automatically. This avoids copy-paste errors and allows the service team to focus on the important tasks.


Extend the ReplyOne user interface

With our Web extensions you have the option to extend the ReplyOne user interface, for example to fully integrate web-based third-party systems. You determine which functions should be directly available. Our experts are there for you and make you fit.


Smart control of external service providers

If you work not only with your own service team but also with external call center service providers, the data security of your company is particularly important. With ReplyOne you can easily integrate your service providers and control them via defined rules. This way they only see what they are supposed to see. You can also perfectly secure secret data such as internal contracts.


Optimize service processes through detailed reporting

With ReplyOne you control your teams and external call center service providers according to your company's KPIs. Through the open Reporting data structure you are provided with individual evaluability and concrete insights. In this way, you optimize processes and the productivity of your service team.

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