automation in customer service

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The majority of all service requests are standard processes. By automating your processes with ReplyOne, you can handle them in no time at all and thus relieve your service team.

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Automation in customer service

You want your service team to work as before in your existing enterprise systems? But you still want to benefit from the advantages of our AI-based software? Then automation with ReplyOne is the right solution. Use ReplyOne as a pure automation tool for standard requests.

Customer and topic identification with ReplyOne

ReplyOne is connected to the system in which your processing takes place. Through our AI and defined rules in our workflow engine, we generate structured information from unstructured data. ReplyOne recognizes the subject of the request and collects metadata such as the sender, the customer number or the email address. Subsequently, the document including the analyzed data is forwarded to your leading processing system.

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Customer and topic identification with ReplyOne

To optimize your service processes, ReplyOne categorizes customer requests. With your defined rules, the workflow engine generates structured information and thus trains the Categorizer. ReplyOne can now categorize and thematically assign incoming requests within seconds.

ReplyOne for automated replies

In partial automation ReplyOne offers intelligent suggested answers in the form of building blocks. These can be checked and approved by employees before they are sent. For standard requests, ReplyOne can take over the response fully automated.

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