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Sector: Trade & Logistics

Thanks to the Internet, a company’s products are only a mouse click away – but the same is true for comparison sites and competitors. From trading organizations operating both online and offline, to pure e-commerce enterprises, companies use tempting offers and carefully-crafted online shop fronts to battle for a share of the market. Anyone hoping to win customers’ loyalty in this fiercely competitive environment has to offer much more than just a good product. To persuade customers to keep returning to their online shop, companies must “go the extra mile” in delivering good service. Providing fast, friendly, professional and error-free responses to enquiries and complaints on the customer’s preferred communication channel, as cost-efficiently as possible and with a high level of automation, can make customer service a decisive factor in a company’s success.

The ReplyOne solution for the Trade & Logistics sector enables you to progressively and intelligently automate your customer service processes – delivering a market-leading customer experience and significant returns on your investment.

ReplyOne speaks YOUR business language.


  • Comprehensive Trading and Logistics customer service software solution
  • Rapid implementation
  • Connects to shop systems
  • Interfaces with business applications such as CRM and ERP systems
  • Intuitive user interface covering all communication channels
  • Best possible support for your service team
  • Numerous opportunities for process automation
  • Reduced response times and a high standard of service
  • Increased transparency of contact volumes and reasons behind it
  • Significantly reduced costs per customer contact
  • Successfully deployed by other companies in your sector

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What our customers say

Bon Prix

The solution has always satisfied our not exactly modest demands."
Thomas Campen
Head of Customer Care Management at bonprix
Peter Hahn

The induction process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Even service employees who have been with us for years and who had no experience of such solutions quickly found their way around the solution."
Bettina Gnad
Head of Customer Service Department at Peter Hahn
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Bon Prix
Peter Hahn
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