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An intelligent customer service solution for all written contact channels.

Check it. Approve it. Send it.

Highly efficient multi/omni-channel management for written customer service communications

ReplyOne is an intelligent contact center software application that enables you to provide impeccable customer service and an excellent customer experience across all written communications channels. We have combined advanced artificial intelligence and more than 20 years’ experience in the customer service sector into a single solution which optimizes your service processes, gives your service employees the best possible support and unlocks the true potential of automation for your customer service team.

ReplyOne makes it easy to provide excellent customer service. ReplyOne consolidates all written communication channels within one clear, easy-to-use interface. Using powerful analytics, ReplyOne interprets the content of each customer request, identifies an appropriate template reply containing the right solution, in real time and allocates the case to a suitable service employee.

Check it. Approve it. Send it.

Boost customer satisfaction with ReplyOne
The artificial intelligence behind ReplyOne is uniquely precise. It’s sophisticated language and topic identification system identifies the enquiry issue precisely in more than 70 languages and consistently provides the right answer.

Reduce complexity with ReplyOne
ReplyOne combines all written channels that customers use to submit enquiries within a single, user interface. This provides your service employees with an clear overview of the case at any point in the customer’s journey.

Tap the potential of automation with ReplyOne
You can determine which enquiries should be answered fully-automatically and which topics need a service employee to first check the response. Either way, you can rely on ReplyOne to precisely identify the issue for each enquiry.

A selection of our customers:


ReplyOne makes your customer service more efficient than ever before

By interpreting the content of each customer request, ReplyOne can identify a template response with the right solution in real time and allocate the case to a suitable service employee. This means you can leverage your specialists effectively and avoid having to send standard replies whilst the right expert can be identified.

Check it. Approve it. Send it.

Artificial intelligence for flexible automation

ReplyOne uses sophisticated, vector-based machine learning algorithms and statistical methods to precisely identify service topics. This means you can flexibly automate service processes without negatively impacting on customer experience.

Professional caring responses in over 70 languages

ReplyOne speaks your customers’ language and always gives the appropriate, quality-controlled answer in their mother tongue.

Multi/Omni-channel functionality for centralized service management

ReplyOne is clear, concise and easy to use. Enquiries from all written communication channels are coordinated and processed within a central, easy to use interface. Your service employees will rapidy become familiar with ReplyOne and their productivity will see immediate improvement.

Enterprise architecture for seamless integration

ReplyOne’s enterprise architecture and pre-built interfaces provide a 360° view of your customers. It can also seamlessly integrate with CRM, ACD, ERP and PIM as well as knowledge-based and archiving systems.

Inherent scalability facilitates flexible expansion

ReplyOne is easy to scale up and adapts to your company’s growth. It’s equally effective foruse in a small-scale installation with just a few service employees as well as in a multi-location, enterprise solution with more than 5,000 simultaneous users.

Transparent reporting for targeted optimization

ReplyOne is uniquely open and transparent. Thanks to it’s reporting database and various reporting functionalities, you can easily access the valuable data you need to make decisions on the control and optimization of your customer service processes.

Multi-client capability for customized service configurations

ReplyOne is incredibly flexible in this respect, allowing individual countries, corporate divisions and different companies to be set up as clients and managed centrally. Of course ReplyOne always automatically identifies the right client for the right task.


High productivity with ReplyOne process automation

Your customers make enquiries using many different communication channels

Customers prefer to use whichever channel is most convenient to them when they contact your service centre.

Enquiries are collected in multi-channel hub

ReplyHub collects and centralizes all customer enquiries, regardless of the communication channel they arrive on.

Content analysis and response proposal

ReplyAnalytics AI identifies the content of the enquiry, allocates it to the right topic area and suggests a suitable textual response.

Enrich customer data

ReplyLink enriches existing customer service data with additional information from other enterprise systems, such as a CRM. ReplyLink extracts all the information that is key to completing the response to the enquiry

Forwarding to the right service employee

ReplyRouting routes the case to the right service employee, taking into account their qualifications, responsibilities and availability as well as the urgency and priority of the case.

Checking and approval

ReplyDesk is a clear, concise and intuitive user interface showing service employees enquiries from different communication channels and allowing them to check a proposed response before approving or editing it.

Dashboard for analysis and monitoring

ReplyControl provides total transparency over all service processes, the status of KPIs and customer enquiry topics and volumes. Users can also access it from mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches.


ReplyOne maintains the customer relationship and their journey, across all written channels

Thanks to the precise accuracy of ReplyOne, you can rely on delivering outstanding communication quality across all channels, including email, chat, social media, WhatsApp, SMS, letters and any future written communication channel you may need to  satisfy your customers.


What our customers have to say

Swiss Bankers

We now have a truly professional solution at our disposal for our customer service work that will enable us to continue to grow – the onus is now on us to further optimise our service."
Romeo Bucher
Head of Customer Care at Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services
1und1 - copy

Because of our years of experience with the system, we were able to put it into operation at our foreign sites within four weeks."
Henning Ahlert
Chief operations/customer care officer

Thanks to ReplyOne, we are able to handle a considerably greater volume of e-mails, respond more quickly to customer inquiries and improve response quality, all with fewer staff members."
Thomas Stürmer
Head of IT at CosmosDirekt
Bon Prix

The solution has always satisfied our not exactly modest demands."
Thomas Campen
Head of Customer Care Management at bonprix
Peter Hahn

The induction process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Even service employees who have been with us for years and who had no experience of such solutions quickly found their way around the solution."
Bettina Gnad
Head of Customer Service Department at Peter Hahn

Sematell was quick to deliver the necessary plug-ins and supported us in troubleshooting."
Uwe Karbole
Team Leader Customer Service at Consorsbank

The solution is so flexible that we can map our service organization and our ‘different’ way of working. What is more, the user interface is structured based on conventional office mail programs, which meant that our consultants were able to find their way around the system very quickly."
Bastian Seibt
Senior Business Development and Operations Manager at finanzcheck.de

ReplyOne has fully met our expectations for optimizing our processes in written customer service while maintaining the same high quality standards when responding to inquiries."
Roberto Zanella
Team Leader of the call center’s back office at lekker Energie
Zenit X

While Sematell receives challenging demands from clients such as bonprix and Deutsche Bahn, the team also independently generates and integrates new ideas in ReplyOne."
Franco Aleo
Managing Director of PVS Relationship Services
and Chief Business Development Officer of ZENIT X
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Swiss Bankers
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Bon Prix
Peter Hahn
Zenit X
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So, what can ReplyOne do for you?

Our online demo allows you to review ReplyOne without obligation. You’ll obtain an overview of the capabilities of our customer service solution in under 30 minutes.