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Full transparency and control for service managers

ReplyControl – Full transparency and control for service managers

Every day, service managers are faced with the balancing act of achieving the required levels of cost efficiency in their service organization while also delivering a good customer experience. To do this, they require full transparency. Figures show the current status of customer service operations and represent key metrics for the successful implementation of customer service strategies.

ReplyControl enables you to monitor and analyze all operational matters in customer service, compare service levels against all relevant KPIs, and intervene immediately where necessary – not just from the office but also on the move using mobile devices.


  • Clear visualization of more than 30 KPIs
  • Freely configurable dashboard for intraday service center monitoring
  • All relevant KPIs visible at a glance
  • Overview of your service team’s current workload and availability
  • Queue view with number of files per issue, average processing time and current service level
  • Prioritize issues or queues with just a click of the mouse
  • Multi-monitor and wallboard functionality
  • Differentiated permission assignment
  • Mobile device compatibility (tablets, smartphones, smartwatches)


  • Full transparency over all service processes, including using mobile devices
  • Ability to react quickly to key service issues
  • Comprehensive monitoring of how your customer service strategy is being implemented
  • Flexible control of your service center with just a click of the mouse
  • Better service and satisfied customers
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