Data Extraction

Recognize and process data

ReplyOne recognizes important data such as customer numbers and addresses from your customer inquiries to determine the basis for the perfect response. In addition, your employees receive reply suggestions to enable an even faster response.

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The second step to the best customer service

The data extraction from your customer queries

ReplyOne not only analyzes the content of a customer request. In addition, all relevant data contained in the document is extracted. Thus, in addition to the inquiry category, customer information such as e-mail addresses, telephone or contract numbers are also extracted. This also works for letters, faxes or e-mail attachments, which are converted into readable data via an OCR interface.


Extract information and combine it intelligently

ReplyOne user interface: Extract

The ReplyLink module connects the software with your enterprise systems. Customer inquiries are supplemented with existing data such as customer numbers, contract durations, e.g. from CRM systems. Thanks to the real-time data exchange, all data relevant for processing is displayed to the employees. The error-prone copy & paste between different systems is eliminated.

What's the use?

The benefits of data extraction for your customer service


Period detection

ReplyOne not only recognizes standard requests, but also time periods. For newspaper subscriptions, for example, it recognizes when newspaper deliveries are to be paused because the recipients are on vacation.


Automatic data modification

If your customers' data changes, it is automatically recognized in the text. Old information, such as bank data (IBAN, BIC) or master data (address, phone number, etc.) and the new information are displayed to the employees.


Automated data update

The data already available is enriched with data from third-party systems. New data is identified and the existing data is updated by reconciliation with the integrated CRM system.



The AI can differentiate between companies and private individuals. In addition, the system can differentiate between landline and mobile numbers.


Category optimization

Category logic can be enhanced by metadata, enriching additional information from the CRM or contact channel.


Smart data linking

Data is intelligently linked. This creates an intelligent combination of extracted data with the topic or other information previously identified by ReplyAnalytics.