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Your customer inquiries are automatically analyzed and categorized with ReplyAnalytics. This provides you with a perfect basis for further processing and revolutionizes your digital customer service.

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The first step to the best customer service

Categorizing your customer inquiries

ReplyAnalytics is the perfect module for categorizing incoming requests. The first step towards the best and most automated customer service begins with getting the AI in top form through targeted training. Text examples from real customer inquiries form the basis of the training in order to develop a category model. This allows new, unknown texts from inquiries to be categorized and assigned directly to the correct topic. In addition, the sorting shows the confidence with which the AI categorizes the queries correctly.


From categorizing to intelligent answers

ReplyOne user interface: Categorize

It all starts in the ReplyHub multi-channel center. This is where all customer inquiries come in, regardless of which input channel they are sent through.

In the next step, the magic of the workflow begins. ReplyAnalytics automatically analyzes and categorizes all incoming texts based on AI. The start of automated customer communication.

Already at this point of the workflow, the categories of topics are determined. Now you know whether you have orders, invoices, complaints, general questions or other inquiries. Additionally, confidence values are assigned to the analyzed documents. In this way, you can see from the percentages listed how confident ReplyOne is in determining the category.

At this stage, directly suitable suggested answers are identified. Even if a request contains several questions or topics, this is no problem for ReplyOne. The software suggests answers for all identified categories. Thus, multi-topic requests are no problem.

What's the use?

Your advantages with the ReplyOne categorization

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Within seconds

The speed of ReplyOne is unbeatable. The AI only needs milliseconds to analyze incoming inquiries quickly and accurately.
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High recognition rate

Precise topic recognition allows further rules to be defined and categorization to be optimized. For known texts, the classification takes place in milliseconds. 
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Accurate topic detection

The artificial intelligence in ReplyOne is optimized for small to medium-sized texts. This makes it perfect for emails, letters and chat messages.

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ReplyOne recognizes over 70 languages. Even if a request is written in two different languages, the content is analyzed and categorized in the best possible way across languages.
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Thanks to the OCR module's character recognition, image or form content can be analyzed perfectly when processing letters, faxes or e-mail attachments – fully automated.
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Spelling errors in the messages? No problem for the learning algorithm. Small word fragments consisting of 4 to 5 letters are sufficient for recognition – errors are ignored.
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Optimized learning data

Learning reports work through the existing training material. The tracking helps ReplyOne to see how the categorization can be optimized even more. 
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The speech-to-text feature converts WhatsApp voice messages or mp3 attachments into text files. Now they can be analyzed and categorized like any other document.

Making optimal use of CATEGORIZATION

Improve topic recognition in customer service

- ReplyOne is unique: while most systems need more than 500 learning data to create categories, ReplyOne only needs up to 40 documents.

- ReplyOne never stops learning: Generate your learning data yourself. Based on the answers of your employees from the daily business, you can recreate needed categories.