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Thanks to the precise categorization, ReplyOne's topic recognition rate is industry-leading. The small amount of learning data required and the short learning times ensure rapid implementation of new service topics. Our customer service software guarantees you reliable automation and rapid productivity gains.

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+10k words/second. 70 languages. 100%Precision.


This is ReplyOne.


The AI-based customer service software with advanced speech and topic recognition is unique. Always the right answers for your customers.

The ReplyOne workflow

We automate your service process


Requests via different communication channels

Customers decide whether to call, write an e-mail, use the chat or other communication channels.

1. ReplyHub

Entry into the multi-channel center

No matter how your customers contact you, all requests are collected in one place, the ReplyHub, to be distributed from there.

2. ReplyAnalytics

Topic detection and information extraction

ReplyAnalytics uses artificial intelligence to identify the subject of the query. Relevant data is extracted, the query is assigned to the correct category and appropriate answers are suggested.

3. ReplyLink

Optimization of customer data

ReplyLink enriches additional information about your customers by connecting to third party systems, such as a CRM system. This is how customer data as well as the process can be optimized.

4. ReplyRouting

The right contact for the best customer service

By considering service levels, ReplyRouting forwards inquiries to the appropriate employees. So that customers receive the right answers as quickly as possible.

5. ReplyDesk

Review and approval

Reply Desk is the simple and intuitive user interface that displays all messages across all channels. Here, employees get the requests assigned to them, including the appropriate reply suggestions. These can be checked, edited and approved before sending.

The ReplyOne workflow

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For team leaders and admins

Manage service teams easily with ReplyControl

Keep an overview with ReplyControl.
That way, you always keep an eye on all service operations and KPIs.

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See exactly what is happening in customer service and who is working on which inquiries and messages in the team overview. Manage your service operations in real time.

Gain valuable insights via structured data. Optimize the handling of your operations and business processes and control the automation of your routine tasks.

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