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It's hard to imagine everyday life without messengers like WhatsApp. And they have also conquered customer service. With ReplyOne, you always have an eye on communication via this fast medium.

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WhatsApp in customer service

Worldwide, 2 billion people use WhatsApp. User numbers are also rising rapidly in customer service. 39% of all consumers want WhatsApp as a contact channel. Short questions, quick answers - your advantage in customer communication.

What's the use?

What's up, WhatsApp?

ReplyOne uses the official WhatsApp Business API. Our business partners connect WhatsApp with our communication platform.
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No 0815-NUMB3R
WhatsApp is made for mobile. Your customers can reach you at any time via your mobile numbers. If you wish, your WhatsApp channel can even be reached via a landline number.
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To the point
WhatsApp messages are analyzed and categorized just like any other customer inquiry. Text modules are delivered with the recognized category - in short form.
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Pictures & Co.
Your customers send media, such as image files. Valuable information can be extracted from those. All media can be retrieved in the contact history.
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People love voice messages. A piece of cake for ReplyOne. With speech-to-text, voice messages are easily converted to text and can then be answered like any other written request.

ReplyOne Quickguide

Anwendungsbeispiel: Kundenanfrage per WhatsApp-Sprachnachricht

ReplyOne versteht und beantwortet WhatsApp-Sprachnachrichten für Sie. Unsere smarte Kundenservice Software und die reibungslose Integration externer Dienste wie Transkription und Übersetzung automatisieren Ihre Kundenkommunikation.