Omnichannel - all contact channels in view

Good service teams are where their customers are. Whether they contact you by email, WhatsApp, chat, social media or phone. To provide the perfect customer service, you can be reached everywhere.

Sematell Channels

The channels

Your customers expect fast and correct answers. No matter which channel they use to contact you.

Your goal: The best customer service on all channels.

Omnichannel with ReplyOne

One tool for all contact channels

In how many applications do your employees have to log in to start work? How often do they have to jump back and forth between different applications to process a request? With ReplyOne this is a thing of the past!

Regardless of which input channel your service team uses to receive customer inquiries, they are always processed on the same processing interface. This not only makes processing easier for your employees. Customers receive their answers via the same channel they used for the inquiry.

This gives your service team a complete overview at all times. If necessary, you can also change the channel.


The standard.
Most important contact channel in customer service.

Social Media

Connected in a modern way.
With your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Letter & Fax

OCR turns letter & fax digital.


Quick and direct.
Customers love straightforward communication.


Fast, faster – chat.
One-to-one communication online.


Always listening.
Telephony is also completely integrated. 

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