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Intelligent contact centre software
Intelligent contact centre software
Intelligent contact centre software

Fast, accurate answers
to all written customer enquiries

Sematell is a specialist supplier of professional contact centre software. Using our solution, ReplyOne, you can offer impeccable customer service and ensure maximum customer satisfaction across all written communication channels. ReplyOne always provides the right answer to written enquiries. Straightforward, efficient and supporting over 70 languages.
With ReplyOne, you can build customer loyalty, increase the productivity of your service employees, reduce ticket costs and tap the full potential of system automation. Our experts combine state-of-the-art technologies based on artificial intelligence and more than 20 years’ experience in the customer service sector, in a software solution which can be configured to meet  your specific requirements and continually-tuned to cater for your company’s future growth and other changes.
Check it. Approve it. Send it.

ReplyOne will delight your customers
ReplyOne provides the right answer, quickly and accurately, for each written enquiry received across all communication channels. Your customers immediately obtain the information they need. This positive customer experience, produces highly-satisfied and loyal customers.

ReplyOne takes the load off your service team
ReplyOne analyses an enquiry in real time, selects the perfect response and forwards both to the appropriate service employee. Check it. Approve it. Send it. In this way, ReplyOne relieves the pressure on your service team by taking care of routine tasks and providing superior support with quality-controlled, precisely tailored, textual responses.

ReplyOne pays off
Boost customer and employee satisfaction whilst reducing costs. ReplyOne significantly increases the productivity of your service team, offers effective automation and delivers a rapid return on investment.


What our customers say

We now have a truly professional solution at our disposal for our customer service work that will enable us to continue to grow – the onus is now on us to further optimise our service."
Romeo Bucher
Head of Customer Care at Swiss Bankers Prepaid Services

Because of our years of experience with the system, we were able to put it into operation at our foreign sites within four weeks."
Henning Ahlert
Chief operations/customer care officer

Thanks to ReplyOne, we are able to handle a considerably greater volume of e-mails, respond more quickly to customer inquiries and improve response quality, all with fewer staff members."
Thomas Stürmer
Head of IT at CosmosDirekt

The solution has always satisfied our not exactly modest demands."
Thomas Campen
Head of Customer Care Management at bonprix

The induction process couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Even service employees who have been with us for years and who had no experience of such solutions quickly found their way around the solution."
Bettina Gnad
Head of Customer Service Department at Peter Hahn

Sematell was quick to deliver the necessary plug-ins and supported us in troubleshooting."
Uwe Karbole
Team Leader Customer Service at Consorsbank

The solution is so flexible that we can map our service organization and our ‘different’ way of working. What is more, the user interface is structured based on conventional office mail programs, which meant that our consultants were able to find their way around the system very quickly."
Bastian Seibt
Senior Business Development and Operations Manager at finanzcheck.de

ReplyOne has fully met our expectations for optimizing our processes in written customer service while maintaining the same high quality standards when responding to inquiries."
Roberto Zanella
Team Leader of the call center’s back office at lekker Energie

While Sematell receives challenging demands from clients such as bonprix and Deutsche Bahn, the team also independently generates and integrates new ideas in ReplyOne."
Franco Aleo
Managing Director of PVS Relationship Services
and Chief Business Development Officer of ZENIT X
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ReplyOne will make you # 1 for customer retention

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First-time fix rate

ReplyOne is uniquely precise

Thanks to intelligent topic identification, your employees can answer queries conclusively the first time a customer gets in touch.

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Customer satisfaction

ReplyOne will delight your customers

ReplyOne delivers an excellent customer service experience across all communication channels.

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Processing time

ReplyOne is exceptionally efficient

ReplyOne analyses up to 10,000 words per second and provides the right answer in just a few seconds.

- 0 %
Ticket costs

ReplyOne pays off

With ReplyOne, you can flexibly automate your service processes and thereby improve the productivity of your agents.


Response Management

Response management

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Customer service software

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Multi Channel Management

Multi Channel Management

Customers are using an ever increasing number of communication channels to make service enquiries. Companies that opt for multi-channel-management can “keep tabs” on all enquiries, whilst quickly providing customers with reliable answers.

Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Satisfied customers are those with a history of good experiences with a supplier – Satisfied customers are generally loyal to a supplier, particularly within highly competitive markets with little or no product differentiation.

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