Answer standard queries automatically

Simply do away with routine in customer service

That's why AI pays off in customer service, and by the way, your employees will be happy.


This is what everyday life in customer service often looks like: Change address, report meter reading, add bank details. Larger service centers receive several thousand customer inquiries every day. However, the majority of these inquiries are merely minor or standard requests. In the long run, however, such inquiries are boring for the employees and frustration can quickly spread. And this can lead to errors.

This carries a high risk for you as a company. Not only does it drive up your service costs, but in the worst case it can even have a negative impact on customer satisfaction.

But that can be changed very easily: Take the pressure off your service staff and relieve them of monotonous routine tasks.


Three good reasons for change

  1. Routine sucks - Of course, routine tasks arise in every job, and sometimes you're even glad for short breathers in which you can devote yourself to relaxing tasks. However, if the entire workday consists of mindless routine activities, the work becomes tiresome and annoying.
  2. High susceptibility to errors - Dull processing of standard tasks that do not require any brains increases the susceptibility to errors. This not only annoys customers, but also delays workflows - so a small inquiry quickly turns into a back-and-forth with the customer that drives up your service center's costs.
  3. Constant employee turnover - If employees are permanently frustrated and feel bored, it often doesn't take long before they hand in their notice. Monotonous work, demanding customers and constant underperformance can also make employees ill and lead to burnout. In no other industry is there such a high turnover as in customer service.

It's time to rethink

But if service employees no longer take on the routine tasks, who will do it? The solution is simple: a suitable customer service software with an intelligent AI. Let your customers' numerous routine tasks and standard inquiries be handled directly by the AI - precisely, quickly and with a low probability of error.

How is this supposed to work? It's simple! Because an intelligent AI...

  • knows what to do

When a customer request is received, the AI analyzes it in real time. It directly recognizes which service process is involved and initiates it.

  • works independently

Each service center decides for itself how much the AI should or may process automatically. From Suggested answers or text modules for the employees up to the fully automatic answering of inquiries, the so-called dark processing. The desired degree of automation can be defined quite individually.

  • Speaks different languages

How many languages does your team speak? It's no problem at all for a powerful AI to learn different languages and answer customers in their native language.

  • recognizes correlations

Intelligent AI, which works on the basis of so-called NLP technology (Natural Language Processing), recognizes the context from words and sentences. This enables the AI to distinguish, for example, between a threat of termination and an actual termination.

  • never stops learning

What the AI has learned once, it never unlearns. And yet, a constant learning process runs during processing. If, for example, the AI is to learn a new service process, it can simply be trained with data such as customer emails on a specific topic. Depending on the complexity of the data, the AI can learn within a few seconds or minutes.

  • knows "their employees

If the AI cannot process a transaction itself or if human judgment is required, it forwards the request to the suitable service employee further. In this way, the customer inquiry lands directly on the right desk and the customer receives an individual and personal response.

  • Is structured

Regardless of the inquiry the customer contacts the service center with, the AI collects the entire customer history and bundles it. With just one click, service employees can see what has happened so far and get a 360-degree view of the customer.

Digitizing pays off

Let the AI take over routine tasks and standard requests and give your employees what they want: Varied and challenging tasks. As a result, your service staff will work more motivated, make fewer mistakes and stay with you longer. This not only saves personnel costs, but also increases the quality of your customer service.

But your customers will also notice a difference: For standard inquiries, they will get the right answer quickly, and for more complicated inquiries or problem cases, they will be looked after quickly and personally by an employee. A win-win situation for everyone involved.

How simple can good customer service be?

It's easy!

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