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The competition among online retailers is huge. In addition to giants like Amazon and Co., more and more small and medium-sized players are entering the market and trying to win over customers. Online retailing is growing by around 44 percent a year - brick-and-mortar retailing is recording just 5.7 percent annual growth*. If you don't offer your customers a top buying experience on the Internet, you don't stand a chance in this controversial market! 

But please personal

When a customer buys on the Internet, the only interaction with the brand usually takes place through the online experience. Other products are always just a click away - even on competitor sites. An intelligent call center software like ReplyOne, tailored to your purposes, helps you to pick up your (potential) customers with the first click in your online store. Accompany your customers proactively during the shopping process! Did you know, for example, that every third search query in e-commerce is used to find out information?** Why not offer your customers the opportunity to ask their questions about products directly to a chatbot? Or make it child's play to contact customer service, who will answer all questions individually and quickly. 

Convince with speed & competence

Do you know inappropriate standard answers to customer inquiries? We don't! Thanks to intelligent text recognition, our AI-based software beats your service staff to the punch at any time. right answer that they can send to customers immediately. Or let the AI send the replies fully automated - it couldn't be easier. ReplyOne is your number one when it comes to high quality service. Regardless of how high your ticket volume is or how fast your trade is growing. Especially if the customer has something to complain about, timely and appropriate feedback is all-important for the further customer relationship.

Which channel should it be?

The modern customer not only visits your online store, but also perceives your brand via other Channels true. Offer your customers the opportunity to contact you on these channels as well. This way, your customers can reach your service team according to their individual preferences. ReplyOne bundles all incoming requests on a clear user interface so that your employees are always informed about where and what communication has already taken place with the customer.

International customers = international service

Nowhere are you more likely to encounter an international clientele than in online retailing. Multilingual customer service can be a real competitive advantage. Whether it's invoicing, the chat window or shipping confirmation - with ReplyOne you personalize your customer service in your customers' native language. And in over 70 languages. More service is hardly possible! 

Sematell has years of experience in e-commerce and supports the customer communication of numerous online retailers with ReplyOne. Convince yourself and read our case study about our customer bonprix.

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