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AI and the hunt for that one important email in your inbox



Indiana Jones needed a plane to rescue his lost treasure. Artificial intelligence is the engine that saves you from drowning in monotonous emails - so you can focus on what's important.

Pitfalls in the news jungle


We are in the Peruvian jungle. Indiana Jones finds the legendary lost treasure after a long search, but when he finally has it in his hands, chaos ensues: a race against time, through the treacherous temple with many traps and obstacles. 

In many companies, everyday life in customer service resembles this race through the temple. They can't see the forest for the trees, i.e. important e-mails for the requests they receive.

Every day, your inbox is flooded with tons of (sometimes unnecessary) requests via email, phone, mail or social media.

Most companies want to offer their customers the best possible customer service. A satisfied customer is a good customer: almost every second German terminated a business relationship last year because of poor service. This is not surprising, because the paths of a customer inquiry are very long in most companies.

Blog Article: AI and the hunt for that one important email

The 6 big time wasters in your inbox:

  • Establish jurisdiction. What is the concern of this request and who handles such cases? (up to 5 minutes)
  • Forward. The responsible team is searched from the database and the request is forwarded there. (up to 2 minutes)
  • Recognize problem. The responsible team must also first understand the concern in order to find a suitable solution. (up to 5 minutes)
  • Solution. Once the concern has been determined, the next step is to find a solution and possible implementation. (up to 10-20 minutes )
  • Answers. The solution alone is not enough. The customers must also be informed about it. The further procedure should be clearly communicated, and often information is still missing to finally conclude the request. In addition, the response should not sound wooden - customers should see that a person has given thought to their request. (up to 5-10 minutes)
  • Document. The interaction should be fully documented for future customer interactions. (up to 3 minutes)

"We have become significantly faster and have greater transparency. ReplyOne was and is a real productivity gain for us."

Franco Aleo, Managing Director PVS Relationship Services and Chief Business Development Officer ZENIT X

In total, that could mean about 40 minutes of work for just one customer request. (1)

Quite time-consuming! That's why companies need an average of one week to respond to a customer inquiry. (2) One in ten inquiries even goes completely unanswered. 

Let's take Ms. Aytak as an example, who would like advice on how she could reduce electricity costs with the company "Stromi" in the future. She sends her request to the company by e-mail and tries to explain her situation in great detail. Initially, the customer's inquiry ends up in the general mailbox of "Stromi". After some time, it is opened there by Mr. Thomas. Before Mr. Thomas can forward the e-mail to the responsible customer consultants, he has to understand the message and assign who could best handle this inquiry. In this case, it is Ms. Biolek. She pulls up Ms. Aytak's customer history to see if and how costs could be reduced for Ms. Aytak. Unfortunately, the customer history is incomplete because it must be manually maintained after each interaction. Ms. Biolek composes a message to Ms. Aytak and suggests a consultation appointment. Now she still needs to enter the interaction in the system for Ms. Aytak's customer history.

So you lose valuable time with the many steps it takes to help your customers along. It's also difficult to identify clear priorities. So, for example, emails are handled by date received, not by urgency. If Ms. Aytak needed an answer for her inquiry within four days, that would be very tight for "Stromi". If she only receives the answer after a week, Ms. Aytak would be disappointed with the customer service.


(1) This time estimate is based on an average value derived from Sematell's customer service experience.


How simple can good customer service be?

It's easy!

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Within seconds

The AI in the inbox identifies 10,000 words per second in over 70 languages. It's not just a matter of keywords, as with conventional solutions. ReplyOne recognizes languages, contexts and topics of messages.


Accurate hits

By combining context analysis, categorization and the subsequent matching of existing data, ReplyOne achieves a very high level of precision. In this way, one of the most important preliminary tasks is completed without employees having to become active. 


Reliable confidence

ReplyOne reliably routes directly to the right teams and contacts. If desired, the artificial intelligence suggests pre-developed response modules that best fit the request.

Get 40 minutes of work done in 40 seconds


So the precise categorization and topic recognition by Artificial Intelligence in your inbox can make your work easier and even take over some work steps completely for you. The customer inquiry that would otherwise have taken up to 40 minutes to process is suddenly processed in seconds. 

AI-based call center software supports and automates not only simple but also complicated processes within a very short time. Across all written contact channels. After the context-based language and topic analysis the requests are automatically forwarded to the responsible employees. 

With industry-leading and reliable detection rates, your Processes more reliable and efficient and your routing runs completely automated. In addition, ReplyOne can be docked to your existing system environment via interfaces. This is how we make your system and your team maximum productive.

Teamwork with AI saves your contact center resources and costs: Artificial Intelligence in the inbox ensures that no questions remain unanswered. 

Ms. Aytak's message does not have to wait or even go unanswered. With ReplyOne, the message would be routed to Ms. Biolek in seconds. You decide whether the requests are processed and answered partially or fully automated. With semi-automated processing, Ms. Biolek would be able to directly select the most suitable answer for Ms. Aytak from the suggested text modules and even supplement it with personal words. And Ms. Aytak feels she is receiving individual attention.

Routine inquiries become self-running


All incoming inquiries are analyzed across channels, moved to the right category, and enriched with customer information from existing third-party systems (CRM, ERP, ...). Based on this information, the AI suggests the best possible answers to the employees with the respective confidence.

Working is more efficient than ever before thanks to intelligent reply suggestions. Recurring requests can be processed effectively. 

The artificial intelligence learns from you. To do this, it only needs a small amount of learning data. You feed it a few typical, real customer messages. Quickly trained, you can integrate new topics into the work process very quickly.

The more efficient and faster processing is therefore a benefit for your company as well as for your customers: With the AI in the inbox, Ms. Aytak from the example no longer has to wait days for a response from the company "Stromi", but receives customer support virtually in real time. The e-mail is automatically routed to Ms. Biolek in a matter of seconds. The company "Stromi" can set whether and in which case Mrs. Biolek is involved in the processing of routine inquiries. Does ReplyOne only take care of the routing? Does it also directly suggest the appropriate answer to Ms. Biolek, which she can insert and even supplement individually if necessary? Or is the request so simple that the entire customer service process can be handled fully automatically? Either way - both ways contribute to the fact that Ms. Biolek can now focus on really relevant and complex inquiries instead of spending her valuable time answering standard e-mails.

Your seaplane in customer service

Think again of Indiana Jones. Indy would not have brought the lost treasure to safety on foot. Even if he had made it against all odds, he would have had a pretty long walk home from Peru. What saved him on his treasure hunt was his seaplane - an engine, with extra power. Flying instead of running is like automating instead of manually editing.

Put the key benefits of Artificial Intelligence to work for you in the inbox:

  • Precise, cross-channel topic detection of your messages
  • Categorization of incoming messages according to the detected content
  • Extraction of the relevant content
  • high-confidence answer suggestions

Here's how to take your customer service to the next level in three steps

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Within 60 minutes you will get an insight into ReplyOne. How does Artificial Intelligence optimize in practice? Curious? Take a look.

Use AI in a targeted manner 

Experience how efficient and productive the processing of customer inquiries can be with our AI. Routine inquiries now take care of themselves.

Gain time for the essentials 

Complex requests can be handled by employees with time & concentration.

How simple can good customer service be?

It's easy!

We show it to you live. Without obligation. Quickly. Individually.